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    Franchisee Offer

Goa is one of the top five tourist destination which is visited by the foreign and domestic tourist every year.


Almost 80% of tourist who visit India visits Goa and above more than 95%  persons tourists visits India mainly to visit Goa. The main aim of the tourist visiting India is to visit Goa.


We are situated in Goa, Goa is situated in West Coast of India. Goa is very famous upcoming tourist destination  as Goa is famous for its natural beauties of beaches, ancient temples, architectural monuments, international heritage centres, famous gardens, shopping complex of international standards, cultural varieties, folk and festival which depicts the culture and tradition of Goa.


Goa is said to be only the place where you can enjoy tourist season thru out the year. It is said as 365 days holiday destination for tourist. Goa is also appointed as permanent venue for celebration of International Film Festival in India.


Also lots of tourist give visits to the international heritage centre at Old Goa where the relics of our St. Francis Xavier is kept for celebration every year in the month of December during his feast.


Due to Goa is experiencing the highest tourist flow every year, in order to gear up for the upcoming tourist season we are planning to expand our horizon of operation of our firm on the grounds that tourist from Goa will be diverted from Goa after events to your place of business of tourist destinations.


In this matter the services offer by your firm will be of great importance and your firm also will be  benefiting from those tourist also. We are approaching your esteem firm for a long term favorable business tie up conducting services which are offering for tourist at large. We can also do the same service to your firm whatever will be profit or commission will be shared by 50:50.


The reason why we are offering franchisee is that your firm is also doing a similar line of business in your locality.


Here what you have to do is that You have to give in writing the consent about accepting our appointment of post of tourist dealer of our firm in your locality.


When you are giving consent  of accepting the same in writing we will give an appointment letter to you as our our authorised dealer or agent on this letter basis you can arrange for package tour as well as individual or group tours to Goa. In order to avail our shares of profit, the tourist which will be forwarded to visit Goa, the same has to use our facilities for travelling in Goa region only. If they do not use our service for tour and travel activities you will not get your share or profit. We will give you a much higher percentage of profit based on the number of days tourists stays in Goa.


As additional for every authorised dealer or agent we will give free surprise gift as and when due.


For further details E-mail us at info@goldengoa.com  



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