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Tourist as the name suggest is one who often keeps on traveling from place to place without staying at a single place for more than one year. If he stops for more than one year, then he is not a traveller or tourist. There are many reasons why people travels across the world or across the country. Some of the main reasons for travelling are leisure, pleasure, fun, enjoyment, business, pilgrimage, cultural attachments, relations attachments, climatic attachments, health etc.

Like other tourist destination Goa is a wonderful tourist destination in the 21st century. The early mythology of Goa States that the name for Goa itself has come from the word "God". The Goa is a place which is blessed by God.

As the mythology also says that the Goa is a place created by Lord Parshurama, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The place of Goa is created by Lord  Parshurama and blessed by Lord Shiva, as the Parshurama was one of the disciple of Lord Shiva. The mythology also says that previously there was a place as such as Goa but that time the place was full of water covered by Arabian Sea. With creation of Lord Parshurama that he had created Goa by using his bow and arrow. He has aimed his arrow on the water and with the effect of the mantras which he has chanted during releasing of arrow the same arrow has hitted to the water of Arabian Sea so hard that the full world has shaken for a while and from that move the land which has came from the sea. The same land has been blessed by Lord Parshurama and Lord Shiva. As the place has been blessed by God or lord. After Many years the same of the place has been called as "Goa".

A such Goa is blessed with almighty delighed from Lord Shiva and lord Parshurama. The blessing which Lord Parshurama gave for that land by making yagna or home kund place is till date is present in Goa. The place of yagna bhoomi or the place of land of yagna is present at one of the famous beach of Goa and that is Arombol or Harmal Beach.

Every year lots of tourist or travellers both domestic as well as international visits the beach and take the blessings of the place and God. As  you must be knowing Goa is an international tour and travel destination. Goa is ranked within top ten destination of tour and travel which is prefferd by worldover tourist. About more than 80% of tourist who visits India is visiting Goa. Out of the above 80% of tourist mostly arrivals of tourists are from England, America, France, Europe continent, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, China, Japan, Russia etc.

Year after year the tourist who travel Goa keeps on increasing this is because Goa has natural beauty, cultural heritage, sandy beaches, presence of all infrastructural facilities which are required for the development of tourist industry.

If the present tourist influx continues it is estimated at by the year 2010 the Goa will be the number one tour and travel destination of world.

Goa is land of sun, sea, sand n surf and fun. It is perfectly place created to have fun and to relax to the fullest extend. If you visit once to Goa, you will come again and again. It is place where you can just get rid of your worries and enjoy more. People from Goa are very warm, whole heartedly always helping each other open mindedly and has very excellent hospitality service. By nature we treat our guest as God as Saying goes "Athiti Devo Bhava" it says the guest is our God.

While a survey conducted in the major tourist destination it reveals that there is lack of proper information supplied to the tourist. As such there is urgent need of the hour is to provide accurate information about tour and travel services to the domestic as well as international tourists.


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